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Category of Abuse

  • Nepotism

    An unlawfull act performed by the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and Employees in gaining their personal, family/relatives and/or other parties benefit. An act to choose project partner based on their relations not because of their ability. Thus might be detrimental to the Company.

  • Deviations of Code of Ethics / Conduct and Employment Regulation

    Any deviations of the value (moral) standard, which serve as guidelines for all Company personnel as forth in the Code of Corporate Conduct and Code of Business Conduct.

  • Fraud

    Dishonest act or ruse include, among others, fraud, extortion, forgery, concealment or destruction of documents / reports or use of forged documents, committed by a person / group of people who pose a potential loss or real loss to the company or others.

  • Extortion

    Deed by a person / group of people who harm others added with threats and / or acts of violence with the intent to benefit himself / group.

  • Conflict of Interest

    Situation or condition in which the Company personnel who obtain power and authority to have or suspected of having a personal / group interest on the use of his/her power and authority, so it may affect the actual quality and performance.

  • Violations of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

    An act against the applicable rules in the corporate environment by a person / group of people who pose a potential loss or real loss to the company.

  • Bribe

    Giving or receiving things related to the job or position from the company leader/employee within or outside the company, which opposed to the obligation or duty, in the intention of influencing decisions, for the benefit of the giver and the recipient.

  • Corruption

    Deeds done fraudulently or unlawfully by the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, Employees who work for and on behalf of the Company, which is contrary to the Company interests or abuse of authority of position/trust given to him/her with the intention of enriching him/herself or another person or corporation that can adverse to the Company.

  • Thievery

    The act of taking the property of others in whole or in part without the permission of the owner committed by leaders/employees of the company with the intent to have the property unlawfully.

  • Gratifikasi yang dilarang

    Penerimaan dalam bentuk apapun yang diperoleh karyawan dari pihak-pihak yang diduga memiliki keterikatan dengan jabatan penerima yang berlawanan dengan kewajiban atau tugasnya, sesuai dengan rumusan Pasal 128 Undang-undang Nomor 20 Tahun 2001 tentang Perubahan atas Undang-undang Nomor 31 Tahun 1999 tentang Pemberantasan Tindak Pidana Korupsi.

  • Embezzlement

    Act against the prevailing law and regulations by a person/group of people that is executed not overtly with the intention to benefit himself/group, thus pose a potential loss or real loss to the company.

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