What is Rekind Whistle Blowing System?

A system that manage complaints / disclosure regarding illegal behavior, the action should not be secret, anonymous and independent. The system is used to optimize the role of the Company personnel and partners in exposing violations that occur within the Company, and as a follow-up for the reporting violations occurs in a corporate environment.

What can be reported?

All actions that could adverse the Company and against the law in accordance with predetermined criteria, the prevailing rules and regulations.

How to report?

  1. Rapporteur issues a complaint / disclosure by including and adding evidence of the suspected illegal action, improper act through the Whistle Blowing System Application.
  2. Whistle Blowing System Management (Ethics Committee) will respond to the reporting/disclosure by verifying and validating on the complaint report/disclosure.
  3. If the complaint/disclosure conforms to the criteria and provided with enough evidence then will be acted upon, if not the complaint / disclosure is stopped.
  4. histle Blowing System Management (Ethics Committee) will conduct a preliminary investigation of the complaint / disclosure and present the results of a preliminary investigation to the Board of Directors (if the reported is/are employees and BOC) and BOC (if the reported is/are BOD) for approval and recommendation whether complaints continued or terminated.
  5. Whistle Blowing System Management (Ethics Committee) conduct further investigations according to the direction and recommendations of the Board of Directors / Board of Commissioners.
  6. If the violations are proven to be committed by the employee then reports the results of further investigation will be submitted to the Human Capital Empowerment (HCE) unit. If the violations are carried out by the Board of Directors, then the investigations reports will submitted to the Board of Commissioners, and if the violations are committed by the Board of Commissioners then the investigations reports will be submitted to the Majority Shareholders to be followed up in accordance with prevailing regulations.
  7. Whistle Blowing System Management (Ethics Committee) publish every reporting status in the application.
  8. To find out about the reporting status, rapporteur is advised to open the portal on a regular basis.

What is a registration number and what to do with it?

Registration number is a number produced by the application automatically to identify rapporteur and to be used in offline communication in Whistle Blowing System application. Save the registration number carefully to avoid being misused. A registration number is used to view the reporting status and to add other evidence that strengthen reporting of unlawful conduct on the application.

Why should report?

Help PT Rekayasa Industri to be a safe and fair working environment for company personnel. Unethical Treatment will stimulate risks and negative effects on the workplace and the company's reputation. By reporting unethical treatment and illegal behavior, you can help us save our finance and ensure that our employees work in a safe place.

What are the form of response given to the rapporteur?

Initial response given to the rapporteur by Whistle Blowing System is a thank you note. Reporting and status follow-up can be seen in the reporting history.

Does each reports get a response?

The whole reportings that are inputed in the system will get a response but will first be validated by the Whistle Blowing System management of PT Rekayasa Industri.

How long will the reports be responded?

Reports will be responded by the Whistle Blowing System management within 14 (fourteen) working days.

What kind of reports will be followed up?

The report will be followed up if it suited with predetermined criteria and had sufficient evidence. The scope of the complaint / disclosure of actions that could harm the Company are as follow:

  • Violations of the laws, including but not limited to:
  1. Fraud, Gratuities, Corruption, Collusion, Nepotism, Conflict of Interest;
  2. Deviations from the applicable legislation, including but not limited to tax, labor and environment laws;
  3. Acts that endanger work health and safety, or jeopardize the Company security which may cause financial or non-financial loss and the Company interests;
  4. Violations of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
  • Violation of Ethics, including but not limited to:
  1. Violation of Code of Business Conduct and Code of Corporate Conduct or violation of the norms of decency in general;
  2. Unethical act;
  3. Abuse of authority for other interests outside the Company.

Apa yang perlu diberitahukan kepada pelayanan Sistem Pelaporan Pelanggaran?

If you wish to report on inappropriate actions or events, you can provide information as complete as possible, such as:

  • Name of the person concerned
  • Names of witnesses (if any)
  • The date, time and location of the incident
  • Details of evidence
  • The amount of money or assets involved
  • How often the problem occurs
  • Category of action / behavior / events

How is the follow-up of the reporting status? (if the reports are reported correctly and if not)

Follow-up of the reporting status can be seen in the Whistle Blowing System application, whether the report is true or not. If the report is true, the management team will conduct an investigation and report the investigation results to the Board of Directors, if the reported party is Ethics Committee or the Board of Commissioner. However, if the reported party is the Board of Directors then the investigation results will be submitted to the Board of Commissioners to be followed up.

What if the reporting concerns with criminal?

The report will be followed up with investigative efforts to obtain truth and will be furnished with the necessary evidence for further proceedings.
No later than within 30 (thirty) days, reports that have been equipped with sufficient proof and can be acted upon, will be forwarded by the Board of Directors to law enforcement authorities for further processing and obtain effective sanctions.

What if the complainant forgot the password / id given by the system?

Rapporteur who forget password is advised to visit the help pages in the Whistle Blowing System application, and then click on the available questions "Do you forget your password?"

Must the rapporteur creates and registers a new username each time he/she reports?

It is not necessary. One username can be used to input more than one complaint. When you have made a complaint, you can create a report of other complaints related to alleged violations by clicking "add complaint" button. Each of these complaints will be provided with unique register.

I have already submitted a complaint, but later on I want to change / add data related to the complaint that I do, what should I do? Do I have to make a new complaint?

Data that has been previously reported can not be changed, but you can add other data related to the complaint by uploading data, such as documents, photos, videos, and so forth. To do the above, you do not need to make a new complaint. Uploading additional data can only be done by logging in using the username that has been registered previously in this application and go to the Complaint menu. In Complaint menu, you may choose the complaint that you want to add with additional data then choose your file to be uploaded(click on the small box "add attachment on complaint") at the bottom of the complaint details.