Complaint Procedures
  1. The rapporteur register on Whistle Blowing System portal.
  2. Save the registration number well, because the registration number will be used as a keyword to communicate offline in the portal.
  3. The rapporteur fill in a new form of abuse complaints.
  4. Select the category of abuse acts.
  5. Fill in the column to inform the occurrence place of abuse acts or unethical behavior.
  6. Fill in the descriptions column.
  7. Upload the abuse act or unethical behavior avidences.
  8. Input the security code then click send button.
  9. Follow-up of the reporting can be seen in the complaint status menu.
  10. The rapporteur is expected to actively monitor its complaint.
a) is a facility for rapporteur to submit complaints report according to the criteria and can also be provided with description of abuse acts (chronology of the incident).

b) Complaint Description, the rapporteur fill in the mandatory informations as required. The information is about:

1) Rapporteur name,
2) Time of occurence,
3) Place of occurence,
4) Violations Category,
5) The work unit where the act of infringement occured.

c) The descriptions of involved parties, consist of the following option:
1) Rekind Board of Directors or Subsidiary
2) Rekind Board of Commissioner or Subsidiary
3) Rekind Unit/Division/Department

d) Attachment, a facility to provide preliminary evidence as supporting information on complaints report and additional supporting evidence

e) By the end of the process, the system will provide a username and password to the rapporteur, to be used in submitting other complaints. The system will also give you a reference number (id_laporan) to be use by the rapporteur to monitor the follow-up of submitted complaints.
Sign in
  1. User ID is a facility given by the system when the rapporteur login for the first time.
  2. Password is a secret word given by the system when the rapporteur login for the first time.
  3. Login facility is divided to several categories of users, such as user for: rapporteur, Ethics Committee, Board of Directors, the Board of Commissioners, HCE Unit and Internal Audit. It is a facility for user to log in the system.
  4. The rapporteur user use the username and password provided by the system when filling in the report for the first time after login.
  5. After a successful login, the rapporteur user can also communicate with the complaint management team through an offline conversation facility referring to the related report (e-chat).
  6. And to another user, such as the Ethics Committee, Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners, Internal Audit and HCE Unit can login with the usernames and passwords that have been provided, according to their role in the system.
Complaints Status
Showing details of complaint, such as:
  • Complaint date
  • Complaint number
  • Rapporteur information
  • Brief description of the complaint
  • Attached file to support the complaint
  • Last conversation that was recorded by offline system between rapporteur and Whistle Blowing System management
  • Number of complaints report presented in a graphs and numerical
  • History of complaint reports from the beginning until the report is declared to be closed.
FAQ is a menu containing the questions that are frequently appeared related to the use of Whistle Blowing System application.