Whistle Blowing System

PT Rekayasa Industri is committed to apply Good Corporate Governance (GCG) principles consistently and sustainably within the company management. The company is demanded to perform the business in trusted, transparent and accountable way, and to comply with the prevailing statutory provisions.

Violation upon Good Corporate Governance, ethical values and prevailing statutory provisions is prohibited for all Company personnel. PT Rekayasa Industri develop an enforcement system to ensure the application of Good Corporate Governance and to create clean and responsible working atmosphere. PT Rekayasa Industri construct and apply Whistle Blowing System to provide opportunity for every personnel and external party to report any prejudice about the violation of Good Corporate Governance principles and ethical values applied by the company, based on valid evidence and good will.

The whistle blowing management process may run smoothly if supported by qualified human resources and other supporting facilities. The company always consider equally the  shareholder’s and stakeholder’s need to protect them from matters that adverse to the company, such as abuse of office, authority, the use of undue company financial, fraud and other violations of law.

The company realizes that all parties, both internal and external, such as business partners, suppliers, customers, and the community, are required to report any misdeeds compared to the Company’s standard regulation. Hence, the Company develop Whistle Blowing System that encourages a person to publicly report the existence of the irregularities committed by Company personnel, and the Company guarantees the anonymity and provide protection to the rapporteur.